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Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

  1. Wesley E. Marshall.  An Evaluation of Livability in Creating Transit-Enriched Communities for Improved Regional Benefits.  Research in Transportation Business & Management, Vol. 7: 54-68, 2013.

  2. Truong, L. and Wesley E. Marshall.  Are Park-n-Rides Saving the Environment or Just Saving Parking Costs? A Case Study of the Denver Light Rail System.  Transportation Research Record (accepted).

  3. Piatkowski, D. and Wesley E. Marshall.  “New” vs. “Old” Urbanism: A comparative analysis of travel behavior in large-scale New Urbanist communities and older, more established neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado.  Urban Design International (doi:10:1057/udi.2013.30).


Final Research Reports

Atkinson-Palombo, C. and Wesley E. Marshall.  Quantifying Transit-Oriented Development’s Potential Contribution to Federal Policy Objectives on Transportation-Housing-Energy Interactions.  Center for Transportation and Livable System (CTLS) at the University of Connecticut, 2013.



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